Visual Menu


Research shows that the window of opportunity to capture the attention of a consumer is 3 seconds.

  • 3 seconds for a person landing on a new website
  • 3 seconds for a customer viewing your menu box outside.

Customers experience first through sight, and then are prompted to react according to how they feel about what they see.

A beautifully executed photograph will make the customer stop, look and feel and is guarenteed to do so within your 3 second window.

Why does a customer glimpse a passing dish being brought to another customer and say “ I ll have whatever that is “ ?
Because we make an emotional decision based on what we SEE rather than what we READ.
Why do we lose so many customers who stop to read our menu outside, then keep walking ?
Because we eat with our eyes, and a page of text is not appetizing !


  • Passer’s-by will linger longer, and are much more likely to enter your restaurant.
  • Puts the passer-by’s senses to work immediately – predicting the scrumptious eating experience that awaits them inside.
  • Less ‘work’ for the passer-by outside. Less reading, more imagining….

At your premises Jenni can style, and photograph your menu and create a 2 minute presentation to be played on a flat screen monitor.

Food Styling


I love food styling because it is absorbing and challenging work. As a food stylist its my job to make the food look attractive for photographs and this is achieved by having a well honed eye for detail as well as sourcing the freshest and best ingredients I can find on the day of the shoot. I have styled all the food for the images in my portfolio.

Food Photography.


I can produce beautiful images for your website, brochure, menu’s and other marketing materials. Contact me for a quote.